1) Gérald Léveillé vs. Avantage Link Inc. (formerly Jitec Inc.), Benoit Laliberté, CIBC World Markets Inc., LVM Canada Ltée (formerly Leduc & Associates Securities (Canada) Ltd.), and Canaccord Genuity Corp. (formerly Canaccord Capital Corporation) (collectively the "Defendants"), Superior Court of Quebec, Case Number 500-06-000118-006.

2) Nutri-Mer Inc. vs. the Defendants, Superior Court of Quebec, Case Number 500-06-000189-031

Class Action lawsuits were filed in the Superior Court of Quebec in both of the above matters. The 1st Class Action is on behalf of individuals, and the 2nd Class Action is on behalf of legal persons established for a private interest, partnerships or associations (provided that between January 1 and December 31, 2002, not more than 50 persons were bound to it by contract of employment, and it was dealing at arm's length with the representative Nutri-Mer Inc.). The Class Action lawsuits may be viewed by clicking on the links below.

The Class Actions alleged that Class members sustained losses on shares of Jitec Inc. that they owned between July 26, 2000 and November 9, 2000, due to the Defendants' alleged actions in relation to the trading volume and the price of Jitec Inc. stock on the Montreal Stock Exchange. The Class Actions sought to recover monetary compensation from the Defendants on behalf of the Class members. The Defendants denied all allegations of negligence or wrongdoing, and denied causing damages to the Class members.

The parties agreed to a global settlement of both of the Class Actions (the "Settlement"). The Settlement was approved by Justice Michel Delorme, J.S.C., by Judgment dated October 27, 2014 (the “Final Judgment”). English and French versions of the Settlement Agreement, as well as the Final Judgment, may be viewed on this website by clicking on the links below. In summary, under the Final Judgment, the Defendants will contribute towards the payment of the global sum of $9,850,000 CDN in full and final settlement of the two Class Actions, which global sum includes the fees, taxes and disbursements totalling $3,132,856.74 that the Court authorized to be paid to lawyers for the Class members (“Class Counsel”), and inclusive of the fees, taxes and disbursements of Claims Administrator NPT RicePoint Class Action Services Inc. which shall not exceed $250,000. All Class members are deemed, by the Final Judgment, to have granted a full, final, unconditional and irrevocable release and discharge to the Defendants, their affiliates, subsidiaries and related persons, from any claims arising from the facts alleged in the Class Actions.

A Notice regarding the Final Judgment (the “Final Judgment Notice”) will be published in The Gazette, La Presse, Le Journal de Montréal, and Le Journal de Québec in approximately 6 weeks. English and French copies of the Final Judgment Notice will also be placed on this website. Class members will have 90 days following the publication in the newspapers of the Final Judgment Notice to file a Proof of Claim with the Claims Administrator, along with supporting documents, in accordance with Sections 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the Settlement Agreement. Proof of Claim forms will be available on this website, or may be requested from the Claims Administrator or from Class Counsel.

This summary will be updated in December 2014.

Documents available for consultation:

  1. Gérald Léveillé Class Action
  2. Nutri-Mer Inc. Class Action
  3. Settlement Agreement (French version)
  4. Settlement Agreement (English version)
  5. Notice of Proposed Settlement (French version)
  6. Notice of Proposed Settlement (English version)
  7. Final Judgment rendered by Justice Michel Delorme, J.C.S., dated October 27, 2014, and Annexe A thereto.

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